The ATV Rider Course is a hands-on learning experience, with particular emphasis on the safety implications relating to each lesson. The course also covers protective gear, environmental concern, local laws and safety techniques. The training includes pre-ride inspections, starting and stopping, turning (gradual and quick), hills (stopping, U-turns, traversing), emergency stopping and swerving, and riding over obstacles.


ATV’s are fun as well as functional. They are used in all types of off-highway applications such as farming, military activities, police patrolling, racing and recreational riding.


Being responsible, using common sense and practicing important skills are all important ingredients in making ATV riding more rewarding.


Course Length: The course length including the theory and practical session is approximately 8 hrs.
Course Completion: All students who complete the course successfully will each receive a personal wallet size Certificate.


Employer Responsibilities:

The Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 and The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, 1996 Section 19(1) An employer shall ensure that a worker is trained in all matters that are necessary to protect the health and safety of the worker. 19(2) The training required by subsection (1) must include: 19(2)(a) procedures to be taken in the event of a fire or emergency.



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